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December Challenge – Day 1

December is one of the favourite months of the year, so let’s make it even more special! I was thinking to use an Advent Calendar of activities for my students and this year I am going to use some flashcards … Continue reading

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Guessing activity

This is an example for a Speaking activity to be done at the beginning of the school year. Use different pictures and students have to ask questions. They review at the same time grammar and vocabulary.         … Continue reading

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Online Resources for ESL/EFL Teachers: Part 2

I am happy to join a Course on Writing and this month I am going to improve for sure my knowledge of using digital tools for Writing purposes. As part of my homework, this post is about some online resources … Continue reading

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Simply Writing!

Correcting Writing tasks could be a nightmare and this is why I am going to share here some useful articles that might be of great help when we face this situation: Keep calm! It is not only about your correction! … Continue reading

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How to … activities

This idea was inspired to me by this curious Have a lovely day! picture. I think there are plenty of similar examples online and I find them useful and students can even create their How to … lists!

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Improving Writing

It is exams time now and my focus is on how we could improve our students’ writing skills. I am constantly reading pieces of writing that lack or need a serious improvement of some basic/crucial aspects: punctuation marks paragraph distribution … Continue reading

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