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Guessing activity

This is an example for a Speaking activity to be done at the beginning of the school year. Use different pictures and students have to ask questions. They review at the same time grammar and vocabulary.         … Continue reading

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The disadvantage of speaking… only English

Conversation class:   Read and comment the text below: “Native speakers are at a disadvantage when you are in a lingua franca situation,” where English is being used as a common denominator, says Jennifer Jenkins, professor of global Englishes at … Continue reading

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Summer and siesta time!!

This is another idea I have taken from an article about siesta I found on bbc. It is nice to have the debate focused on it if you have students from Spain or Italy, and if you do not, no … Continue reading

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Day 23: X-mas food festival

This post is about food and how to make the best of every day of Christmas! If you need some delicious ideas, have a look at this website! You can choose from plenty of recipes and you will find special … Continue reading

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Tea time and English!

Using ads and websites information as a reading activity can encourage students to read as native people do: perhaps the content is difficult, but it shows the language in its natural context. Sometimes, adapted texts avoid certain structures and vocabulary … Continue reading

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teacher-centred vs learner-centred lesson

How do you engage your students speaking in English? How would you describe a lesson in which your students are to practise ordering things in a café, using a recorded dialogue as a model? If our aim is to make our … Continue reading

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16 Shocking Predictions for 2016

I have just found this article and it really made me think that the topic could fit a Reading – Speaking activity.           What do you think?    

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