The disadvantage of speaking… only English

Conversation class:  Resultat d'imatges de english

Read and comment the text below:

“Native speakers are at a disadvantage when you are in a lingua franca situation,” where English is being used as a common denominator, says Jennifer Jenkins, professor of global Englishes at the UK’s University of Southampton. “It’s the native English speakers that are having difficulty understanding and making themselves understood.”

English speakers with no other language often lack awareness of how to speak English internationally – Dale Coulter

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This is interesting, too!

Use it as Reading and Conversation lesson!


I’ll never forget the first time I sat naked, thigh-to-thigh on a wooden sauna bench with my boss. It was week one of a new job with a computer start-up near Heidelberg in Germany. I’m from Scotland, where socialising after work means going to the pub for drinks. I never dreamt it would involve standing outdoors with colleagues, snowflakes falling on my bare skin.

For me it was a seismic culture shock. But in Germany, Holland or Finland it’s not unusual to visit a sauna with colleagues. And in Finland it’s perfectly natural to have seen your boss without a stitch of clothing.

It’s quite normal to go to the sauna with your boss

“Finland is quite an equal country. We don’t have strict social classes,” says Katariina Styrman, chief executive officer of The Finnish Sauna Society in Helsinki. “It’s quite normal to go to the sauna with your boss. It’s a place where you should forget about titles and salaries.”

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Summer and siesta time!!

This is another idea I have taken from an article about siesta I found on bbc.

It is nice to have the debate focused on it if you have students from Spain or Italy, and if you do not, no worries, siesta is well-known already and I think the topics will be successful enough!

This activity could be used as writing and conversation:

“The word siesta comes from the Latin sexta,” explains Juan José Ortega, vice president of the Spanish Society of Sleep and a somnologist – an expert in sleep medicine.  “The Romans stopped to eat and rest at the sixth hour of the day. If we bear in mind that they divided periods of light into 12 hours, then the sixth hour corresponds in Spain to the period between 1pm (in winter) and 3pm (in summer).”

It was Spain’s peculiar historical working hours that gave Spaniards the opportunity to fit the infamous nap into their day

From its Roman origins, the siesta became a cross cultural phenomenon, but it was Spain’s peculiar historical working hours that gave Spaniards, perhaps more so than most, the opportunity to fit the infamous nap into their day.


Resultat d'imatges de siesta

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Conversation topics and bbc

I was reading the bbc online news and I found this article that could be of great help for our students of higher levels: it is about jobs of the future!

We’re often told that machines one day will be able to do our jobs – but when, exactly, is that likely to happen?

We might use this chart, too in order to engage them in the debate:


(Credit: Nigel Hawtin)

This opinion can be contrasted to theirs:


“I am a bit sceptical of some of the timelines given for tasks that involve physical manipulation, says Jeremy Wyatt, professor of robotics and artificial intelligence at the University of Birmingham.

“It is one thing doing it in the lab, and quite another having a robot that can do a job reliably in the real world better than a human.”

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Books for little kids

This is a very interesting website and I love it because it allos us download nice books in various languages.

Resultat d'imatges de never lonely again book picture

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Simon’s cat again!!!




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Lala: The Pet Penguin

What a fun video!!



And some useful activities!


I paste them here, thanks a lot, Sharon Yoneda!



This news story is happening in ________.

The penguin’s name is _________.

Lala lives with the ____________.
Nishimoto family
Nishimura family
Nishiyama family

Lala has his own bedroom complete with __________.
a powerful heater
a powerful freezer
a powerful air conditioner

Lala likes __________.
to travel

After Mrs. Nishimoto packs him up, Lala ________ into town.
took a trip
takes a trip
will take a trip

When Lala hits the road, he _______ to the fish store.
will go

When the owner of the store sees Lala, she ____ him a fish.
will give

Lala loves ___________ sardines and mackerel.
to ate
to eat

After Lala finishes his snack, he ____ his trip home.
will begin

While Lala ________ home, he takes a shower with a neighbour’s garden hose.
is walking

When Lala gets home, his owner _______ the fish from his backpack.
will unpack

After he finishes his shopping, he _______ to his room.
went back
goes back
is going back

At the end of the day, Lala spends __________ with his family.
quantity time
quandary time
quality time

This is _________ pet story I have ever seen.
the funny
the funniest

Whenever I _____ this video, I always laugh and laugh.
am watching 




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