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December Challenge – Day 4

Today’s challenge is a Find the differences activity! This is taken from a lovely book: Halloween Find the Difference Game for Kids, Toddlers and Adults But there is a X-mas version, so feel free to use the one you like most!

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CAS: Do You Speak Emoji?

Do you use Emojis? This is an interesting post about emojis!! Translate These Well-Known Quotes  

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CAS: Present Simple and Present Continuous

Using pictures or videos can be easier to teach Grammar and tenses!   I am going to use these one in the next days with my new students! I can engage them speaking and also invite them to use their … Continue reading

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CAS: Who I am …

Any ideas for the first class? I like this activity: pictures and guessing time! You can test your students’ level of English and also have fun from the very first day!                   … Continue reading

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Guessing activity

This is an example for a Speaking activity to be done at the beginning of the school year. Use different pictures and students have to ask questions. They review at the same time grammar and vocabulary.         … Continue reading

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Warmers for enganging classes

These days I am looking for some warmers that might make our first classes more engaging and perhaps the best idea is to include them at the begining at the class or when our students seem tired. I found some … Continue reading

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Simply Writing!

Correcting Writing tasks could be a nightmare and this is why I am going to share here some useful articles that might be of great help when we face this situation: Keep calm! It is not only about your correction! … Continue reading

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Just watch it and reflect on its message!     Do It Yourself in Education: Expanding Digital Competence To Foster Student Agency And Collaborative Learning (also known as DIYLab) is a project funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of … Continue reading

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Teachers Day

This is for all of you: teachers, educators, tutors, lecturers, professors, instructors, coaches, governesses, trainers and principals! For all of you that teach and educate!! Happy Sunday and:    

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More useful websites

These are my latest treasures:    

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