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Warmers for enganging classes

These days I am looking for some warmers that might make our first classes more engaging and perhaps the best idea is to include them at the begining at the class or when our students seem tired. I found some … Continue reading

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Day 23: X-mas food festival

This post is about food and how to make the best of every day of Christmas! If you need some delicious ideas, have a look at this website! You can choose from plenty of recipes and you will find special … Continue reading

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Day 3:Christmas Markets

I have just got this mail and I thought that this could be a nice post for Day 3 which I am anxious toshare here!! Can’t wait for your next trip?   Great sights, buzzy bars and cosy cafes are … Continue reading

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10 Unbelievably Useless Products

Can you name some useless products? Use the topic for a discussion session!   Try this video to make it more interesting!

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10 Countries That May Not Survive The Next 20 Years

10 Countries That May Not Survive The Next 20 Years: use this title to start a debate in the class.   Use the video to contrast opinions!   Enjoy! ps:   10. Spain 9. North Korea 8. Belgium 7. China … Continue reading

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Fun activities: fluency versus accuracy

I try to record here a set of activities for my Speaking classes, that involve grammar practice. These are activities that can be easily adapted, so I will copy and paste any activity I find appropriate for this set:   … Continue reading

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Define yourself: Which English word describes you best ??

The dictionary is full of words and perhaps there are same entries that really define you. Can you think about some words? Use this activity to ask your students reflect on themselves or somebody else. It is interesting to find … Continue reading

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