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The Girl on the Train

The Book or the Movie? What is your favourite?     The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins   The journey takes Rachel along the backs of houses on the street where she used to live. Unable to look at number … Continue reading

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Unit 1: Animals (lesson 1)

This is meant to be a post about a quite different unit about Animals. Students love to see that they are learning Real English and they need to practise English using real situations or every day English vocabulary. This movie … Continue reading

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Reading: session 2

  This session was about a favourite (or not)book! My students were supposed to describe it and at the same time they were seeing how a book is made! You can do this session in the school library where they … Continue reading

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Reading: session 1

Reading is a complex activity and I am sure that most of my students hate it or simply do it because they have to pass an exam. This is my first activity for my students. I tried to help them … Continue reading

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Day 17: X-mas story time

If you want some nice stories, I simply recommend these ones!!   Story Title Read Time Background Text Audio A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens, 1812-1870 3 hrs Yes Yes Yes Christmas Every Day William Dean Howells, 1837-1920 10 min Yes … Continue reading

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The Picture of Dorian Gray – Novel by Oscar Wilde

Answer the following questions with 2/3 lines each:   What did Dorian Gray wish when he saw his finished portrait? Why? What was Dorian Gray´s first evil act? Why did he do it? Who was James Vane? What was his … Continue reading

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The Secret Circle

Teens, magic, mystery… The perfect ingredients for my students:  just click here for the complete  1st season! Prepare a set of questions for yor students and enjoy the class!  

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