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Reading: The Bristol Skipchen

      We are an anti-food waste campaign, with aims. We stop food waste by connecting with people along the food system supply chain, having conversations about the problem of waste and collecting their surplus. These people could be … Continue reading

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Agriculture and the New Digital Age

Session 1 ted 1: Mark Bittman – What’s wrong with the food we eat ted 2: Andras Forgacs – Leather and meat without killing animals youtube video: Mark’s bread Discussion and debate on the topics Write some comments or some … Continue reading

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How to solve problems…

This ted was recommended today at a convention on school libraries and I found it quite relevant for our task, as teachers.   Sometimes, we deal with lots of problems at work and managing our classes and students can become … Continue reading

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I was doing some research about posters or controversial ads/posters and I found some that can be challenging for a Speaking class. They can be used for different topics and can be of great help in classes with adults or … Continue reading

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Food and global survival

Leather and meat without killing animals Mark Bittman: What’s wrong with what we eat These are the 2 ted talks I recommend for a discussion on Food and global survival. And this is something different, but useful to see! Mark’s Bread … Continue reading

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Unit 1: Animals (lesson 1)

This is meant to be a post about a quite different unit about Animals. Students love to see that they are learning Real English and they need to practise English using real situations or every day English vocabulary. This movie … Continue reading

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