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We are an anti-food waste campaign, with aims.

  • We stop food waste by connecting with people along the food system supply chain, having conversations about the problem of waste and collecting their surplus. These people could be individuals or corporations, waste occurs along the entire supply chain
  • We feed this surplus food to people, as that is why it was grown in the first place
  • We educate & raise awareness of this global issue in a variety of ways to spread the message that there needs to be a collective effort to stop waste
  • We are communicating our cause to organisations with a role to play making the future less wasteful, including supermarkets, growers, shops, distribution centres and individuals
  • We aim to create a sense of community wherever we are, this means giving energy and hope to places we all live, gathering resources available, sharing ideas, building solidarity with organisations and people & seeing community as the most important capital we need!


Food waste is the symptom not the problem. So many campaigns fall in to the trap of compartmentalising the cause they are focusing on and trying to address it as a stand alone issue. This is easily done and takes a lot of thought and measured action to be avoided. We cannot solve food waste unless we solve the wider problems within our food production and consumption system, and those problems are in turn embedded within a wider system.

We use food waste as a way of highlighting these wider issues, our logic being, if we can get people riled up against food waste and we can show them that it cannot be solved alone we can hope that more and more people will start to demand the systemic change needed to provide social and environmental justice for our planet.

Food waste is not just wasted food. We are wasting water, energy, land and most of all human life and wildlife. Every calorie that is mindlessly binned could have gone to sustaining a human life and in a natural system there is no such thing as ‘waste’.

The main weapon we possess in this war on waste is our sense, whether it be our sense of injustice to see how wrong our current system is or our common sense to know when milk is off! Don’t let corporations or governments tell you what to eat and when to eat it!! If we want to reclaim the power over our food system we need to start byreclaiming our senses!!


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