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Informative essays


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Informative Essay Topics


  • A particular period of architecture
  • Advances in education
  • All about a favorite radio show
  • All about your favorite vacation spot
  • America’s fastest growing cities
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Basic economic principles
  • Best locales in Switzerland
  • Best travel destinations
  • Branches of the military
  • Breeds of dogs
  • Causes and effects of air pollution
  • Causes and effects of water pollution
  • Causes and harmful effects of deforestation
  • Causes of cancer
  • Causes of Diabetes
  • Causes of global warming
  • Censorship in history
  • Cheapest vacation spots in the world
  • Chinese food
  • Civil War generals
  • Competitive horseback riding
  • Computer viruses
  • Crazy laws
  • Cruise vacations
  • Cults
  • Deep sea fish
  • Democracy: the best form of government
  • Description of life in another country
  • Different types of cancers
  • Disneyland
  • Dog shows
  • Dream interpretation
  • Drinking problems
  • Drug problems
  • Dyslexia
  • Effects of environmental degradation
  • Effects of global warming
  • Electric cars
  • Evolution of the English language
  • Evolution of video games
  • Evolution of voting laws
  • Exotic pets
  • Famous advertising campaigns
  • Famous diplomats
  • Famous speeches
  • Foreign TV shows
  • Former child stars
  • Fringe known political parties
  • Fundamental rights of an individual
  • Historical events that occurred on your speech day
  • History of a favorite product brand
  • Holiday destinations in France
  • How a computer works
  • How nuclear power works
  • How roads are built
  • How to change your car’s oil
  • How to deal with social evils?
  • How to drive a stick-shift
  • How to fight against child abuse?
  • How to find cheap airline tickets
  • How to get good grades
  • How to knit a scarf
  • How to make a website
  • How to make pizza
  • How to organize a closet
  • How to pick a bottle of wine
  • How to play chess
  • How to read a map
  • How to shoot a basketball
  • How to survive a job interview
  • How to swing a golfclub
  • How to take care of health in summer?
  • How to weave a basket
  • How to write a resume
  • ID theft
  • Impact of media on society
  • Importance of a balanced diet for good health
  • Importance of personal hygiene
  • Importance of recycling of waste materials
  • Importance of vitamins and minerals
  • Interesting cultures
  • Internet dating
  • Key phrases in a foreign language
  • Lesser known Presidents
  • Life in the future
  • Local folklore
  • Measures to keep surroundings clean
  • National Parks
  • Natural disasters
  • Near death experiences
  • Nursing homes
  • Origins of superstitions
  • Picking a name for your children
  • Places to visit in India
  • Professional baseball stadiums
  • Psychological profiling
  • Raising pet snakes
  • Real life vampires
  • Roadside attractions
  • Sales tactics
  • Saving money on your income taxes
  • Schools of painting
  • Serial killers
  • Seven wonders of the world
  • Social evils in underdeveloped countries
  • Spies
  • Sports card collecting
  • The biography of your favorite actor
  • The FBI
  • The history of comic books
  • The history of the Bible
  • The history of your hometown
  • The latest discoveries in astronomy
  • The Miss America Pageant
  • The newspaper business
  • The story of how your school was founded
  • The three branches of US government
  • Things to take along while traveling
  • Treatment for different types of cancers
  • Trends in the stock market
  • Types of cheese
  • Types of poetry
  • Types of tropical fish
  • US territories
  • UFO’s
  • Voodoo
  • Ways of preventing air pollution
  • Ways of preventing water pollution
  • Why is education essential for children?
  • Working in the fast food industry
  • World War II heroes
  • Young billionaires





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