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Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence (Word Smart)

Description: Verbal-linguistic students love words and use them as a primary way of thinking and solving problems. They are good writers, speakers, or both. They use words to persuade, argue, entertain, and/or teach.

Learning Activities and Project Ideas:

  • Completing crossword puzzles with vocabulary words.
  • Playing games like Scrabble, Scrabble Junior, or Boggle.
  • Writing short stories for a classroom newsletter.
  • Writing feature articles for the school newspaper.
  • Writing a letter to the editor in response to articles.
  • Writing to state representatives about local issues.
  • Using digital resources such as electronic libraries, desktop publishing, word games, and word processing.
  • Creating poems for a class poetry book.
  • Entering their original poems in a poetry contest.
  • Listening to a storyteller.
  • Studying the habits of good speakers.
  • Telling a story to the class.
  • Participating in debates.

Resultat d'imatges de multiple intelligences


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