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This post is a reflection on games and their influence on the ESL.   I found this list of comments in a course I did and I found them interesting:     ‘It helps to pass the time quickly.’  ‘I … Continue reading

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Debate class

 Use pictures with quotes and ask your students to debate on the topic. This can be a warm-up or even a reward for a break time during a preparation for a test course.   “You have enemies? Good.  That means … Continue reading

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    What do you think about the formative assessment?     Let’s assess!  

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The Prince of Egypt (1998)

This is the movie that Marina, one of my students this year, recommended to the class. It was a good idea to watch it in English –  they had already seen it in Spanish/Catalan – and once they watched it, … Continue reading

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Grease – musical

Show this picture to your students and ask them if they know/recognise the two people:     If they have no idea about it, ask them watch this video and later discuss about what they think it is all about: … Continue reading

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Deciding when to teach vocabulary with text

Before or after listening and reading activities? This is one of the key-questions: I use vocabulary flashcards all the time but when it should be related to a text this is a debate that depends on the teacher.   Before: … Continue reading

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The class / Entre les murs (2008) French

This is for those teachers that really need to share their teaching experience in a quite difficult environment. For the full version of the movie, go to this website.     ps: If you want a worksheet to work this … Continue reading

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