Summer plans

I remember the day before the school year started!

I was nervous enough but quite positive about the new experience I was supposed to start.

Today I lived the last hours in the high-school I have been teaching English during the last 10 months!

It was a rich experience and I learnt so many things about class management, departament tasks and about how I could improve my teaching.

I also had the advantage of meeting great teachers and so special persons!

I am going to make a set of reflections and ideas in the following weeks in order to conclude this teaching phase.


It has been a tough year and I had to make the best of many situations!

All in all, it has been a full year of teaching in the same centre and this helped me see how it starts and ends, although it was a sudden start on the 14th of September!

It was a challenging stage of my teaching experience: being a supply teacher is not easy and it requires a lot of patience and a fast adapting capacity to all the aspects: teaching, classes, groups, stuff, schedule, students, books, materials, assessment, meetings and departament coordination.

This post is only the first page of a future set of posts about this school year.


Summer is here and the plans for the summer are related to teaching, too.

I will attend a course on class management: How to Manage your Class and I hope to learn more techniques about how I could manage a class efficiently and in a healthy way!!


Although this blog is a teaching experience and a self-therapy diary, I will try to keep it updated during this summer and I will share my holidays with all of you!

Thank you for following me!

Feel free to contact me and enjoy summer!!



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