Fun activities: fluency versus accuracy

I try to record here a set of activities for my Speaking classes, that involve grammar practice.

These are activities that can be easily adapted, so I will copy and paste any activity I find appropriate for this set:


1    Pair work: Information desk

Work in pairs. You are at an information desk.
Learner A: You want to get to the airport.
– Ask how to get there.
– Ask about times and prices.
Learner B: You work at the information desk. Answer A’s questions.


2    Discussion: Recent visit to a country

Think of a recent visit to another city or country. Work in groups. Answer other learners’ questions:
– Where did you go? Who with?
– What did you do there? What did you see?


3    Group work: Best places

Work in groups. Together, decide on:
– the best café
– the best place to buy clothes
– the best cinema
– the best place to get a cheap meal

Give reasons for your choices.

4    Have you ever …?


5. Activities with ‘communicative goals’ or ‘communicative aims’:

Give practical information and advice

Talk about recent experiences

Ask for practical information

Agree and disagree with other people’s opinions

Find out what other people did

Express opinions and preferences



Don’t forget:

  • repetition drills
  • substitution practice
  • making practice meaningful
  • freer practice in pairs/groups
  • focusing on communicative goals
  • correcting learners’ mistakes
  • use a warmer activity
  • guide the discussion
  • include a feedback stage

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