My survival kit

A proverbs says that February has seven hats.


I say that I must have a survival kit and luckily it includes 7 ingredients… not 7 hats!!


They are:

  • 3 blogs
  • 2 useful websites
  • 2 dictionaries


I don’t forget my syllabus, but I usually adapt it and sometimes I include extra activities which make it even more useful and original.

So, I am going to post here my survival kit in the class for this month just in case my drive or my 2 pendrives fail one day!

I hope that internet will work properly, too …

This is the official syllabus and timing for Unit 4 for my classes.


2nd ESO

4th ESO

2nd BATX

A part from this kit, I always count with some webs that help me prepare and adapt my classes.


Some useful dictionaries:


And my blogs:

2nd ESO

3rd ESO

4th ESO


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