Improving Writing

It is exams time now and my focus is on how we could improve our students’ writing skills.

I am constantly reading pieces of writing that lack or need a serious improvement of some basic/crucial aspects:

  • punctuation marks
  • paragraph distribution
  • spelling
  • style
  • layout organisation
  • grammar
  • cohesion
  • text extension


If you are interested in reading more on this topic, go to this link.

For further ideas, click here.

I am sure that our students are not aware of these aspects but we should encourage them to produce good texts and how to use effectively the language, both written and spoken.

My tips are basic, too but I try to make my students discover what is wrong in texts other students wrote and I invite them to correct and even improve the most challenging parts.

My top 5 tips are:

  1. use simple language and grammar
  2. compare texts
  3. follow text models
  4. practise writing as much as you can
  5. try to change already written texts and recontruct them






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