X-mas is coming…

There are only 2 weeks left and the winter holidays will finally mark the end of the first term.

It has been a busy one, for sure: new text books, new school subjects, new classmates and teachers, a new start and a new school year!

Just before the 22nd of December we should still struggle to keep up with the illusion of some perfect winter holidays while studying a bit more…

This is why I am going to let you here some ideas for your activities during these 2 weeks:



  1. PUZZLES: Ask your students to solve this one!
  2. QUIZZES: What about this quiz??!! Your students will love it!
  3. WORD SEARCH: For beginners, this activity is quite a fun!
  4. FILL-IN: It is a good wrap-up vocabulary activity:
  5. GAMES: You can choose from this list! Amazing ideas!
  6. MAZES: these are just perfect!
  7. WORD-MATCHES: Try this worksheet!




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