Reading as an adventure

Reading is an adventure.

It is my travelling when I simply do not have time or money to travel.

I remember the box of books that my mother used to buy to me every summer.

I also remember the books I was given when I graduated in Primary and Secondary School. My teachers always gave us books and I loved to see who was the next author … to discover.

Books are meant to create a world that can really save us from a boring existence and I guess that we suddenly become happier if we really like reading.

I have just taken a quiz and the result is:

Your Reading Personality:
Eclectic Reader!

So, I am The Eclectic Reader!!

And here is the definition… You read for entertainment but also to expand your mind. You’re open to new ideas and new writers, and are not wedded to a particular genre or limited range of authors.

It is true, I like reading and I usually experiment reading different genres.

This is why I get upset when I discover that my students don’t like reading or they simply do it for obligation.

I encourage you to use this quiz with your students and invite them to share a book or an author they like best.

Sometimes, we can be surprised by their preferences or opinion on books and authors.

I also recommend you this movie:

Never Ending Story 1

The first one is amazing: I could live again my childhood feelings and I really enjoyed the scene in the library (minutes 6:30-9:50).

Use it with your students, ask them what a book is and what they read!

It is a useful activity for you to use as a Listening. They can name the books cited in the movie.




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