Blogging and teaching is one of my latest activities and I guess this helps me and my students get in touch and share a common space outside the classroom.

Letters pinned to a white wall

These are my blogs I am using with my students and, although they are not suscribed to them, we use them from time to time to update our stops during this journey, called English for ESO in IES Joan Miró, in Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona.

I invite you to get your blog and to experience this new meeting point. You will love it!

To be honest, I started to blog some years ago when I needed to have a control on my special – days activities. At that time, I was teaching after-school classes.

Years have passed and my exprience in teaching improved a lot and my professional career, too; looking back is like unfolding a treasured letter and I feel I grew up in a very rich environment, switching from private schools to public institutes or school for adults, end even to a kindergarden!


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