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Reading as an adventure

Reading is an adventure. It is my travelling when I simply do not have time or money to travel. I remember the box of books that my mother used to buy to me every summer. I also remember the books … Continue reading

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UP: adventure and love story

PIXAR is one of my favourite lately and I am fond of some movies that I could repeatedly watch without ever getting bored of: UP is one of them and I really like the double story because love and adventure become the … Continue reading

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Inside out: the world seen from the emotion angle

The world is so changing and our feelings are too fragile to cope with all the situations that life forces us sometimes to simply accept. On one part, our fears dwell deep inside our mind and they can become dangerous … Continue reading

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Gran Torino or life lessons

If you like life lessons and tough heroes, I can recommend you Gran Torino. You might have watched it, but it is never too late to see it again. It is a 2008 American drama film directed and produced by … Continue reading

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Discovering amazing places

If you want to engage your students in discovering amazing places and people that are real survivors, try this activity: Everest expeditions. National Geographic is a great source website and you can find more videos and pictures than you thought … Continue reading

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Preparing X-mas and some activities for your English class

If you need some ideas for your X-mas activities, I have just found an amazing web. If you have students from different countries or you simply want to know how people around the world celebrate Christmas, visit this website. You … Continue reading

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Lyrics and English

Lyrics and music make a good combination to teach English. I usually use them with my students. They only need to choose a favourite song and to compare the versions: the original and the translated one. This way, they detect errors … Continue reading

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