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Let’s QUIZ!!!

I love quizzes and they are one of my favourite activities. I can teach from vocabulary to grammar and I also engage my students in conversation and sometimes writing activities. I am going to list my top 5 QUIZ list. … Continue reading

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Any Reasons to Study Foreign Languages??

How many languages do you speak? Did you study foreign languages in school? These are only 2 questions that perhaps can make you think twice about WHY we learn languages nowadays. The reasons are endless and every person can list more … Continue reading

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Resources on line for self-study

I am going to list here some links that could help our students and even us make English easier in the class or at home. Many students need more practice and sometimes they need some extra help and tailor-made activities … Continue reading

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Define yourself: Which English word describes you best ??

The dictionary is full of words and perhaps there are same entries that really define you. Can you think about some words? Use this activity to ask your students reflect on themselves or somebody else. It is interesting to find … Continue reading

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Oktoberfest and English…

Autumn is here and all over the world there are celebrations specific to this special season and people enjoy autumn a lot even if the weather is quite challenging these days. This is a nice article on how people celebrate … Continue reading

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