3, 2, 1… Start!

Less than 12 hours left…

14th of September 2015, a new school year and loads of challenges for both students and teachers…


Tips for students:

  • Pack your schoolbag and enjoy the new journey
  • Forget about exams and homework
  • Challenge yourself and find something motivating in every school subject
  • Allow yourself enough time to study and also to have fun with your friends
  • Ask for help if you do not understand something and be positive: back to school means to be more prepared than the last school year!

Some useful tips for teachers:

  • Breathe deeply and step ahead: this school year will be simply better!
  • Listen to your students and allow them feel during your classes like “at home”
  • Engage them in designing the lessons and empower them to have their say on the topics to debate during the Conversation activities
  • Read this article and you will find more on how to get off to a perfect start!

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