Flipped Classroom: a new vision on teaching and learning

Today I am going to focus on Flipped Classroom. In my opinion, it is a new vision on teaching and learning and engages students outside the classroom and makes them be aware of their progress and implication while studying.

I encourage it and also recommend to teachers that experience a very tense atmosphere in the class.

Think about the traditional model of a classroom instruction, with the teacher as the central focus and the content provider or the primary disseminator of information during the class.

The students might need guidance and explanations and look for the teacher’s feedback, but not always this approach can be effective. The teacher delivers the information and the students take notes or listen and later on do activities in order to demonstrate that they understood the contents and they do their homework and this way they can even pass the final exam.

In my opinion, this static interaction, as I prefer to call it, is far away from the most adequate method to learn effectively. If students are not involved in practical activities and in my case in a serious interactive use of the language, they will never be able to speak English outside the classroom.

I remember the classes I used to do when I was a Primary school pupil: copying the charts I saw on the blackboard, copying the grammar boxes and doing all the exercises in the school book! I rarely used the information in a more dynamic way! I kept a diary and put down there all my essays and I tried to practise in a different way.

Nowadays all this has changed and our students and pupils can easily interact and get the information and feedback they need.

Classes are now more learner-centered and students can explore topics in greater depth and they have even more learning opportunities. They are no longer static, they become dynamic and the content is delivered in various ways, students engage in collaborative discussions and projects, they learn together and become the focus! The learners are actively engaged in the information acquisition and construction and they evaluate their learning, can even assess their peers’ work and this way the learning process is not seen as a nightmare but as an opportunity to develop personality and personal responsibility and team work abilities.

In today’s methodology flipped and blended learning is a widely-used concept and teaching styles should be adapted to our students and their needs and also to our educational and social environment.

Inverted or flipped classroom is still a challenge in many schools and some teachers can even find it difficult to use this approach because of the prejudice that too much technology can be confusing and those that still  adopt the traditional approach say that this way students can easily get the proper information and avoid “wasting” time surfing the net or getting stuck in an endless search…

Limitations and criticism is part of every approach and it seems to underline the pros and cons from both teachers and students’ perspective.

Home learning environment could be less effective in the case of the students who might need to struggle more in order to attain their personal responsibility. Many students can easily end in facebook or any other chat room in stead of preparing for school and this is one of the disadvantages of homework online.

This approach no doubt increases computer time study and some parents might find it annoying and if learning online is meant to be done also in the classroom, some teachers can be exposed to disruptive moments and might “fight” against these students’ attitude.

It is a long discussion and I guess every teacher can give his or her opinion on how this approach works or not when talking about this “digital division”.

For further reading I attach this article that it clearly explains how flipped learning is meant to function in the classroom.

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Flipped Classroom

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