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British teatime and English

Tea is a good excuse to practise some English so why not using tea for a class of English? All you need is some pictures, useful vocabulary and perhaps some interesting videos or songs. Students love to join these type … Continue reading

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Cooking and learning English

Do you look for ideas to teach more useful English? Why not talking about food and recipes. Students just love to do this type of activities. You can use bbc food site for more ideas and recipes, of course. There … Continue reading

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This is … me

I am a fan of ICT and I have just found my first and single… prezi. Feel English!

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Let’s stripgenerator…

This is a very interesting tool to use with your students: stripgenerator! I tried to use it in order to get used to it and this is my strip… Stripgenerator.pdf dialogue I will encourage my students to use it when preparing … Continue reading

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3, 2, 1… Start!

Less than 12 hours left… 14th of September 2015, a new school year and loads of challenges for both students and teachers… Tips for students: Pack your schoolbag and enjoy the new journey Forget about exams and homework Challenge yourself … Continue reading

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Blended Learning

As teachers, I guess we always try to recreate the image of our students and at the same time we remodel our roles. This is how Blended Learning perhaps got to be one of the most challenging approaches in teaching/learning … Continue reading

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Flipped Classroom: a new vision on teaching and learning

Today I am going to focus on Flipped Classroom. In my opinion, it is a new vision on teaching and learning and engages students outside the classroom and makes them be aware of their progress and implication while studying. I encourage … Continue reading

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