The History of English in Ten Minutes… ONLY

The Open University offers great study opportunities and free online courses and the one I am going to recommend you today is the funniest and shortest ever! It is about  The History of English and it only lasts Ten Minutes! It is a set of 10 podcasts that are simply perfect and both teachers and students can get the proper information in just almost a minute each!

Take  a look at it and enjoy the vast information and just pay attention to the best set of … funny examples!

May long live… English!


ps: I try to copy here the content of the course, if it doesn’t work, please register and once you are signed in the course will be available!

Tracks in this podcast:

Track Title Description
1 Anglo-Saxon A look at what words the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings bought to the English language. Play nowAnglo-Saxon
2 The Norman Conquest In 1066, William the Conqueror invaded Britain and bought with him fancy French words to add to the English language. Play nowThe Norman Conquest
3 Shakespeare This video tells us that Shakespeare invented over 2000 new words and phrases like eyeball, anchovy and puppy. Play nowShakespeare
4 The King James Bible Illustrating that in 1611, the new King James Bible was created and gave us many famous phrases. Play nowThe King James Bible
5 The English of Science In the 17th Century, new science words were being created like acid, ovary and tonsil. Play nowThe English of Science
6 English and Empire Exploring how the British Empire spread across the world bringing back many new words and phrases. Play nowEnglish and Empire
7 The Age of the Dictionary A look at how lexicographers started creating the Dictionary of the English Language to ensure that everyone spelt words correctly and knew their correct definition. Play nowThe Age of the Dictionary
8 American English Learn about American-English and how some American words were actually English to start with. Play nowAmerican English
9 Internet English Exploring the expansion of internet language, with abbreviations like lol and btw. Play nowInternet English
10 Global English The future of English and the many hybrids that have been created. Should we still call it English? Play nowGlobal English

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