Types of learners

There is only a week left till September brings together students and teachers.

This is why my reflection today is on the types of learners we are going to deal with and how we can help them hit the school  road…

Years ago I was given the opportunity to teach small groups of students and pupils of the same level and it was quite easy to deal with them, but mixed groups are nowadays everywhere and they even display not only different levels but also different interests and learner’s types.

If you are not familiar with all the types of learners we could find in our classrooms, I suggest that you will read about it on this webpage where you could also learn about the multiple intelligences: Birmingham Grid for Learning – Multiple Intelligences (Secondary).

Take the test and assure yourself that you are really the type you thought about before! It will be fun to see how you could improve even your teaching and learning style.

Seen from a more comfortable angle, the learner’s styles can be easily divided into 3: Visual Learners, Auditory Learners and Kinesthetic Learners.

Read more on The Three Main Types of Learning Styles and identify the types in your classes. It will be useful when deciding about the materials and contents of the lessons you will have to teach.

For further information, simply google the topic but I also recommend you these web sites.



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