Fantasy and reality

Stories are made to create a perfect world in which everybody could feel the way he/she wants. They are meant to be the door to escape from real life’s scenery and to lead us to wat we define as our own happiness and joy.




I have just watched Big Fish, a movie that kept me in a state of stand by till the last minute; it was so difficult to believe so many “unbelievabe” stories, but in the end I got the message: we must live and die in our world, of perfect people and perfect moments.

The movie could be used to teach some key concepts: love for the parents, passion for the stories told during childhood, fantasy versus reality, the relation between the son and his father, childhood versus adulthood, myths and legends.

I was surprised to see how beautifull was crayoned the myth of the Lady of the Lake.

The witch image is also interesting and the story itself, with giants and circus performers, add a unique value to the whole movie.

It could be seen as a modern version of a fairy tale: it still preserves the magic and the suspense of a fantasy story.




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