Dangerous neighbourhood vs dangerous minds

Another movie about the image of the teacher is Dangerous minds, which I strongly recommend to those teachers that must face students from a very delicate environment and deal with their every day dilema, too.


The movie invites us to reflect on assertive discipline and also on the factors that push students towards a situation of high risks.

The main focus after watching the movie should be on how can teachers and educational institutions prevent these students from becoming victims of their own envirnoment and the society.

There are lots of books on the topic and many specialists tried to write about how class management and positive behaviour management can help both students and teachers to cope with this situation.

For a pedagogical approach, the movie could be used as an example for the students to debate on school systems and discipline. It could be an opportunity for them to really talk about what they must do in their lives in order to become more than they are and to value the importance of the studies and graduation, as it is a very important condition for a better personal and professional developement.

Another approach could be on the literature of the movie: Dylan Thomas’ poetry could be a perfect exercise for Reading and Text interpretation. Bob Dylan is another useful model and his life and career could serve as a  starting point for a Project group or even a comparative study between the two poets.


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