Inspiring People and Role Models

Think about the most inspiring persons in your life.

Is there any family member or does your list include friends and colleagues?


This is one of the writing tasks I used with my high-school students: they found it quite difficult to decide who was important or really a role model.

Some even thought about the beggar in the corner of the street or even the waiter in the bar next to school.

Some described their grandparents and people they met only once in a meeting or a different place and never saw them again!

Some even refused to talk about football players or actors and actrices.

They talked about their parents and some even mentioned some teachers.


You can use this type of activity to make them even reflect on people and being mindful helps them have a say about how people can or cannot inspire us!


I was curious to see on google what my search would reveal and I can see faces of so many  people that were not famous, but inspiring.


Further ideas here



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