Discovering objects around us and learning English

I am doing a course on ITC tools and I was challenged to create a wiki and of course to share with my colleagues my ideas.

So the first step was to sign in and I am very anxious about it and I have already started to create my own materials. As my wiki is still under design process I didn’t want to lose the chance of sharing my activity on Inventions.


I started to google about this topic and I was glad to find a good website with complete information on almost every invented object!

It was nice to discover facts and the years when all these objects were invented: whiskey, eyeglasses, the first map globe, the microscope, the water thermometer or even the first golf balls!

I guess my students will love to discover more on this topic and the list below is only the support they might get in order to do the activity. I will combine teaching new vocabulary with reading. This is why I am going to select some pictures too and ask them to name the objects and to debate on the uses they have in every day life.

There are loads of other activities to be done with this topic and I encourage you all to be creative. Ask your students to create a presentation using canva or even to write a timeline with dipity. Alow them to learn faster by simply designing their own bubbl!

Interesting facts on Inventions

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created by Feel English is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada 4.0 Internacional License.


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