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Waldorf education

I cannot end today’s blogging without talking about  Rudolf Steiner and his approach to education. The well-known method can nowadays be found all over the world in centres that place the pupils in the core of the teaching-learning universe. Kids will … Continue reading

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Maria Montessori.

Today seems to be the educators’ day! I cannot ignore Maria Montessori and her contribution to the education for a new world and society. It is interesting to see the approach she gives to the main principles of education: developing … Continue reading

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Howard Gardner.

One of my strategies to adapt to my students’ needs and interests was and still is to identify first of all what type of learners my students are! The multiple intelligences test is a very useful tool for me and … Continue reading

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Elinor Goldschmied.

She is one of my favourite authors on early childhood care and education; she is one of the best educator I have ever “listened” talking about babies and infants’ care and early childhood. I recommend her books and I invite … Continue reading

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Learning languages

It is a very interesting website about learning languages and it offers strategies and some easy useful steps to follow in order to get a better job career or even more tips for the professional development. I copy here the … Continue reading

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The History of English in Ten Minutes… ONLY

The Open University offers great study opportunities and free online courses and the one I am going to recommend you today is the funniest and shortest ever! It is about  The History of English and it only lasts Ten Minutes! … Continue reading

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Educating or fighting for the infants’ future

This is a great movie on infants and how we all influence their future and lives, as educators, parents or simply persons… It is a very interesting movie on topics as infants’ rights and social assistance system; it also depicts … Continue reading

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