Men of Honor, 2000

This is a movie that evokes the image of the son who struggles to fulfill his Dad’s wish: “to be the best”, to become a real man, free and respected.

The story might be a tough lesson about how difficult can things become when you are an outcast and when you must fight for your rights no matter what.

The hero doesn’t have an easy destiny, he is black and it seems that the rest of the world judges him according to his skin and, what is even worse, refuses to recognise his effort and loyalty.

This is the reason why he never gives up, he will finally be the first African American to become a master diver in the U.S. Navy despite the effects of segregation and opposition from Navy.

The final lesson is the one he teaches us when he decides to return to full active duty with a prosthetic limb, after the amputation of his left leg following a tragic on-duty accident.


Brashear and Sunday become two role models, they are the characters meant to display the image of the ambitious student and the one of the mentor, who must fight against the system in order to support him.

Watch it and discover the power of the ambitious and self-confidence.

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