More English, please!!!

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Do not get tired about not understanding people speaking English, do not throw away your books if you cannot score 100% in your exams.

Be patient, learning English is a process that requires more practice than you think. Your brain needs to store the information, allow yourself this stage of errors-making, it is part of the learning process!

You might be exhausted, less motivated than ever or simply think to quit. Don’t step back!
Allow your brain the time it needs to store the information and to update it every time you learn something new.

Be patient, ask for more English, please.

Visit a local association that offers English classes and engage in everyday life conversation, read posts and follow blogs online, register on forums and share your interests and make English part of your schedule.

It is easy to simply write the shopping list in English, to read a magazine in flipboard in English, to watch a movie in its original English version, to listen to a radio station in English, to visit pages in English…, to use your Facebook in English and even to set your mail language as English. You will see that all are ways of learning and using English in your life.

You don’t have to travel to UK or to book a two-week intensive course in London.

Here is the list of my favourite social media/pen-friends; you only need to google for them and you will be enjoying a lot of English accents and topics, all in English:

twitter, flipboard, ted, longman dictionaries, British Council, Cambridge English Teacher, bbc, english page, english exercises.

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