Power of Words

A single word: writing.

What does is it mean to you?? How do you feel about it?

Is is difficult? Do you find it easy or a nightmare?

It is a question sometimes I have to ask my students before teaching them some writing.

They all agree: it is a hard task, challenging and quite messy. They find it difficult and stressful enough if it is part of an exam. So, which are the best tips to face this daily nightmare?

I googled for some tips and I found loads of interesting websites. I invite you to read this article and to reflect on it: http://writingcenter.unc.edu/faculty-resources/tips-on-teaching-writing/what-is-good-writing/ and perhaps you will understand better writing.

It is not a simple process, a social or personal one, it is more than that. It is our personality  reflection and our passport to a better communicative world.

Don’t be afraid. Put your ideas into words and never look back! Let your ideas flow!

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