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It seems like it happened yesterday!

I confess: I neglected my blog of English, but I never stopped thinking about it.

I always wanted to have my own space where to share experiences with teachers and my students, where to feel “at home”, so I decided to create this blog. I wanted it to become my virtual perfect English world!!! I wanted to be here every day and to get involved. But sometimes digital world is simply not compatible with real life. This is why I look back now and I see few posts and few ideas, I feel almost sorry for it. I realise that perhaps sometimes we aim at too much and in the end the result is only a tiny spot on the canvas.

I have to admit that I have been so crazily busy, but in spite of it I didn’t forget about my mission: learning how to teach English better and how to make my students happy learning English. I know, it si a very hard task and almost exhausting but not impossible!

I have been teaching for more than 10 years now. I have never thought how my life would change if I stopped teaching. I only know that teaching english is my mission, and learning English is part of this great experience.

Cambridge English Teacher Community is my “home”, I feel great enrolling courses and attending webinars. I love English and I wish I could inspire my students to feel the same.

In my teaching experience I come across different centres and lots of students, lots of levels and projects; every school is a different world, with a different Sillabus and with different levels, but I am always the same! I enjoy my teaching experience and I try to make my students feel English, breathe it and use it in their daily life.

This is why I renew my promise here and I post this confession, eager this time to be more constant and to share my teaching experience more often.

Rabindranath Tagore said: I have become my own version of an optimist. If I can’t make it through one door, I’ll go through another door – or I’ll make a door. Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present.

So, I guess I should simply open the door!


Come in and enjoy my world!

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