My L theory: Life as a Journey

Yesterday I started working on a series of ESL materials and I needed to update my ideas, but my first thought was to “google” for the latest news and I suddenly realised the better world we live in now!! Some decades ago, teaching and learning were usually seen as simple processes, passive and static, due to the lack of resources and feedback. Nowadays we have it practically all: internet offers us a wide range of possibilities and services.

There are so many doors to open and it is so easy to access the information and to join forums and to step forward!

This “journey” is no longer dangerous, but we need some “secret ingredients” though.

Life is about enjoying what we are doing and also about sharing and interacting with each other.

When I decided to “share” my philosophy on teaching and learning English I had in mind the feelings we all have when we fall in love: we are so self-confident, so happy and we feel so great!
This is an amazing feeling and we should treasure it because it really teaches us to value “our time together”, no matter the “hard times”, the distances or the challenges we stumble over in our lives!

My “L theory” focuses on the 7 Ls that are the key for a better life, which of course will provide us the “kit” to prepare us for our “journey”:

1. Listen

Ernest Hemingway said: “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.”
It is so important to listen and to allow ourrself some time to think before we “just do it”! I was taught to “listen first” and now I understand that perhaps sometimes people simply rush into quick replies or decisions.

2. Lose

If we always win perhaps we will never know “how to lose” feels like. I do not want to say that we should willingly “lose” from time to time, but to accept failure as a new step forward, as a “plan B”.
This means that losing is part of our development, both personal and professional, and we do not have to feel less successful, because it is only a way to teach us move on and “enter the next level” with a positive mood!

3. Laugh

One friend once told me: “I cry because I have no reason to laugh!”, but being positive and optimistic about life is the best way to get better results, in all aspects, so why not smiling and laughing?!

4. Love

Being in love with life and with our world is the secret to enjoy every moment in our every day journey! Being positive is vital if we want to do something, so we should not forget to find that little detail that motivates us and boosts our self-esteem!!

5. Live

I know, we celebrate our birthday every year or at least we remember this date, but this is not about my idea of “living”, which in fact means that we all should struggle to organise our life in order to take advantage of every moment. Work seems to overwhelm us and the tendency is to spend less time with our friends, family and ourselves! It is essencial in this case to treasure more our inner space and also the people in our life! I know technology brings us closer and keeps us “online”, “on air” or “simply on”, but we also need a real hug, a real smile, a “face2face us”, how I like to call it! So, let’s face the reality: we are trapped in this new “@&#-era”.

6. Learn

Yes, let’s learn! In fact, we learn every single day, but not all the time we do realise it! Because learning means getting deep inside and reflecting on what we really want to learn and how to speak up our ideas later on! Learning is not only about going to school, reading the textbook, doing homework and passing the exams! Learning really starts when we act, when we react and when we finally interact!

7. Light

“Light” is the most precious thing we can all give to the world. Light makes our journey safe and if we share it, this means that everything will be easier!

I try to use this “kit” and to apply it to my teaching experience, but I guess it doesn’t matter if we are teachers or students, we all need these tips if we really want to succeed in life.

Rumi’s words are always travelling with me and I want to share them here because they talk about how we can light our passion for life:

“Let yourself be silently drawn / By the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

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