Bonsai English…

Every second, in every corner of the world, where English is not a native language, there is probably somebody who decides to start learning English!!!

The task is difficult and the target a real challenge because it is not easy to learn and study a language that it is not yours!!!

What can that person do?!

– to look for information about a school or centre where to start the course
– to buy a grammar book
– to find a teacher or somebody to practise with
– to surf the internet for magic methods and usefull websites where English is taught on line
– to listen to native people speaking

Imagine the desk full of books and the notebook, the pencils and the illusion of starting to learn a language that almost everybody in the world speaks!!

Sometimes the secret is not the perfect book or the perfect teacher! The secret is to be aware of the challenge and to make it real, to feel what you want to do and to believe in the project you must fight for!

So enjoy every minute of English and make English part of your every day experience!

Read, write, listen, speak, dream, imagine, love! All in English.

Feel English!

About Adriana Butnariu
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