Let’s english!!

A Chinese proverb says: “If you don’t climb the mountain, you can’t see the plain”.

This is perhaps the reason I decided to create this blog! English needs visibility and not only because it is the passport that allows you to travel and communicate everwhere in the world, but also because it is a highly demanded language nowadyas everywhere: at work, at university, when traveling or even when surfing the vast ocean called… Internet.

I think that English must be as important as the ID in every person’s life. It is perhaps a but exaggerated but speaking English is not a necessity nowadays, it simply is an obligation!

In the past, people started to learn English in Primary School, nowadays more schools offer to pre-school kids the possibility of starting to learn English at the same time they start to learn the numbers or the alphabet.

This is good news but it depends on the society how the young generation will use English and will understand the necessity of speaking English. There are still many schools where English is taught in a very traditional way; private schools are in a serious competition and they invent magic methods and attract students with magic formulae that promise them excellent results at the official exams or in colloquial situations or even on formal occasions.

It depends basically on teachers and educators to make from English an interesting school subject, less boring and more attractive!

I hope that soon everybody will learn to feel English and speaking English won’t produce a strange sensation anymore!

So, let’s all english!!

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