Short Films in our ELT class


These are my favourite short films I’ve recently watched and I would love to share them here:

Thanks, Kieran Donaghy! |  |




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“Asperger inconnu”

This is a great blog – – and I feel like dedicating an entry in my blog because it is emotional and so inspiring!


Thank you for following me, too.

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Steve Jobs: role model or inspiration

This post is a tribute to Steve Jobs and a fine excuse for my students to debate on his statements!

I recommend this book for those that love graphic biographies!

Steve Jobs Cover Image

Steve Jobs

Saddleback Educational Publishing and Saddleback Educational Publishing

Imagen relacionada


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Interview with Lorna Wing about autism

She is the major contributor in the field of Autism and the founding member of The National Autistic Society.

She is Lorna Wing and Prof. Christopher Gillberg talks to her  about her thoughts on autism.

This interview is from our Professional Conference in Manchester on 2 March 2011. For more information, visit






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New blogS (posts) 2017-2018

This school year I am going to work with 2nd and 3rd of ESO, so these are going to be my blogs.

I will use Feel English, too for activities and tips that are not directly related to our class books!



Resultado de imagen de BLOGS

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Using technologies

My first unit is about Technologies and I found this video quite surprising! It really describes us and our society, perhaps this is the Digital Cocaine Age!

Use the video with your students and ask them reflect on the use of the technology in their life!


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Guessing activity

This is an example for a Speaking activity to be done at the beginning of the school year.

Use different pictures and students have to ask questions. They review at the same time grammar and vocabulary.


Resultat d'imatges de blue dress     Resultat d'imatges de raining


Resultat d'imatges de beach       Resultat d'imatges de applesResultat d'imatges de bees

Resultat d'imatges de norway

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