December Challenge – Day 3

This Challenge is about AMAZING ALPHABETS!

All you have to do is:

  1. click the word: ALPHABETS
  2. read the article
  3. discover new things about these alphabets
  4. try to be grateful for using a different alphabet that is 1000 times easier to read or interpret!!!
  5. click this link and try to write your name using one of these alphabets, if you feel challenged!!
  6. share your ideas about the Challenge: THANKS!


logoImage result for alphabet letters scrambled

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December Challenge – Day 2

For Day 2, I am going to use another Challenge!

This time, it is about QUIZZES on!

Click the word:  HOLIDAY QUIZ and do the Quiz!

If you want, share your score as a comment to this blog entry!



ps: a tip I have just got from the site: If at first you don’t succeed…Google it!


Image result for

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December Challenge – Day 1

December is one of the favourite months of the year, so let’s make it even more special!

I was thinking to use an Advent Calendar of activities for my students and this year I am going to use some flashcards and worksheets with activities!

This way, I am going to engage all the students at the same time and there is no need to ask them click a link!

But, just in case you want some tips, I am going to use the blog to add ideas and esl activities!

Feel free to add yours and if you want, send comments if you use them in the class!

A big hug to all of you and let’s start my… December Challenge!



DAY 1:

Click the word: STORYBIRD   and do the CHALLENGE: Seasonal Prose

Use this code to access my Classroom: 3BE42P if you want!!


All the best!!




I copy&paste the instructions on the website:


Create an evocative prose poem about your favorite season.

A cool autumn breeze carries familiar, childhood scents. Memories of seasons past wash over you, and you feel a swell of emotion, rising like the Harvest Moon on the horizon.

For this challenge, we want you to write a Prose Poem about your favorite season. Spring, fall, winter, summer…whichever you like!

Prose Poetry is exactly what it sounds like—poetry written in a prose style. This means that, like prose fiction (i.e. novels, short stories), there are no line breaks. However, Prose Poetry does utilize poetic language and tools  like repetition and sonic devices, as well as luscious descriptions, similes, and metaphors.

When writing a Prose Poem, there a few things you should remember:

  • Think of it like poetry, not fiction: this isn’t really a story. You’re putting your heart on the page like a poet, not a novelist. And poets use figurative language.
  • Don’t use line breaks: You can use paragraph breaks, but you shouldn’t be writing lines of poetry.
  • Include free association: Free association is your mind wandering. Does that orange remind you of a pumpkin? That pumpkin of Halloween? Halloween, which means candy?
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CAS: Prepositions

Game time!!!

Team games are fun, too!


Resultado de imagen de prepositions in english



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Reflection pills: Early Childhood Intervention and the Power of Family


Reflection pill: early intervention and family


In Central Asia and Eastern Europe, 31 thousand children under the age of 3 live in institutions. A child with a disability is 17 times more likely to be institutionalized. Early childhood intervention offers an alternative. It can help young children with disabilities or developmental delays stay with their families. Learn more:


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CAS: Do You Speak Emoji?

Do you use Emojis?

This is an interesting post about emojis!!

Translate These Well-Known Quotes


Resultado de imagen de emojis

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CAS: Present Simple and Present Continuous

Using pictures or videos can be easier to teach Grammar and tenses!


I am going to use these one in the next days with my new students!

I can engage them speaking and also invite them to use their previous knowledge of English to describe the pictures!


Resultado de imagen de exam classroom


Resultado de imagen de summer camp students

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